Internship Work


Here are some of the images I put together for the Warscapes Instagram:

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Academic Papers

One of my favorite activities is developing critical opinions, and school has been a great outlet for me to discuss them. Here are a couple of examples of some of the work I’ve done during my college education:

Click here to read a paper I wrote about second wave feminists

Click here to read an annotated bibliography about the influence of Ancient Mediterranean texts on Shakespeare’s work

Click here to read a creative satirical rewrite of a chapter of Jane Austen to be in the style of Charlotte Brontë

Tutor Notes

At the end of every session at the Writing Center, I write a tutor note, which is basically a short summary of the different points of discussion my tutee and I covered in that session. As such, tutor notes serve as a wonderful starting point for trying to fully grasp the type of work I do as a tutor. Because each session takes up the majority of the hour that is set aside for it, I typically have only about 15 minutes to write up each summary, proofread it, and send it out.

I’ve selected a couple of tutor notes that will hopefully accurately portray the diversity of writing with which I am tasked to improve at the Writing Center. I’ve also removed the names of my tutees for the sake of their anonymity.

» Click here to see a personal statement tutor note

Hi [name]: Today you came to the Writing Center to discuss your personal statement for your application to a Mathematical Finance program. After reading it aloud, we talked about ways it could be improved.

I noticed that both of your first two paragraphs sounded like introductions, and that they could be combined to make your paper more concise. We picked out which sentences would be reworked into the next paragraph and where they would be moved. I also recommended that you provide more concrete details about the experiences that drew you to the field of Mathematical Finance.

I then noticed that you didn’t really answer the first question of the prompt: Why Mathematical Finance as opposed to just Finance? I suggested that you explicitly highlight a comparison between the two disciplines in order to more directly address the question.

Lastly, we talked about some of the extra skills and abilities you gained from your experience as an intern and as the secretary for a student organization. It might benefit your conclusion to highlight how those gained skills will benefit you in your future endeavors. You left the session with the intention to apply the revisions we discussed. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your application!

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» Click here to see an English paper tutor note

Hi [name]: Today you came to the Writing Center to discuss your ENGL 1011 paper on your personal definition of science fiction. You explained to me the prompt and read your rough draft aloud, before we talked about specifying the details of your definition and finding a thesis statement.

To begin, we worked on the definitions for genre and premise, and you decided that a genre is an exclusive category of media, while a premise is the foundation for a story’s plot. Sci-fi breaks down these genre categories because it’s applicable to many different genres, just like a premise is. You then explained that the point of science fiction is to provoke thought (wariness? skepticism?) by creating a narrative based in reality, but unlikely to happen. Sci-fi poses the question: “What if?”

From there, we talked about the ways your current paragraphs could be reworded and reoriented to support your newly constructed thesis statement. We also briefly talked about the structure of your conclusion.

You left the session with the intention to incorporate the revisions we discussed, before submitting by Saturday.
Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your paper!

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» Click here to see a research paper tutor note

Hi[name]: Today you came to the Writing Center to discuss your anthropology research paper on gay marriage in the United States, what each side of the debate has to say about it, what is at stake with it, and why it is an important concept to the construction of American culture. After reading most of it aloud, we talked about ways in which we could increase cohesion throughout your paper.

I recommended that in your revisions tonight, you most heavily focus on your organization and structure. Working together, we wrote up a reverse outline of your paper, so that you could easily see which of your paragraphs addressed the same topics. From there, you reordered your paragraphs so that they flowed more cohesively and reduced repetition.

I also suggested that for each of your paragraphs, you insert a topic sentence that describes BOTH what the paragraph is about AND why that paragraph supports your thesis statement. This will help enormously with flow and clarity, as it will ensure that your argument remains at the center of the focus of your paper throughout.

You cut out some information about international statistics after deciding to focus exclusively on America, and you also worked to make some of your sweeping generalizations more nuanced and specific. You left the session with the intent to incorporate the revisions we discussed, and to rewrite your conclusion using it as a space to address the questions, “What is at stake?” and “Why is the issue of gay marriage important to the construction of American culture?” Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your essay!

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