I like to credit math classes with my ability to draw–if it weren’t for all the time spent doodling during elementary and middle school math classes, I would never have learned the art skills I have now. Maybe, someday, I’ll draw something that isn’t a 3/4 view close up of my favorite characters’ faces, but today isn’t that day.

Here are some examples of the drawings I’ve created in my free time.

This is a shot of one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy XV/one of my favorite villains ever.

Here is an attempt to give the FFXV boys haircuts that aren’t mullets. Enjoy!

Before/After mullet comparison shots:

mullet gladio gladio
mullet noctis noctis
mullet ignis ignis
mullet prompto prompto


Recently, I’ve been really into the Lifeline series of games for iOS. Here are a couple of drawings of how I imagine Taylor, the main character:


taylor1 taylor2


The following is an original design for the character of Taako in the Adventure Zone podcast. I had “swamp witch” in mind when I was creating this one, but as the idea took hold, it morphed into something more along the lines of “swamp jedi.”


swamp witch sketch swamp witch

Here are a couple more takes on Taako. For these, I was experimenting with two distinct images I had in mind for him: “pirate sommelier” vs. “millennial Instagram queen.”

tumblr_oiu143pM9c1r9xr54o3_1280 tumblr_oiu143pM9c1r9xr54o4_1280

Lastly, this piece, featuring my Dragon Age warden, was actually the second work of digital art I ever drew. I have my sister (who is currently majoring in Digital Arts and Animation–go figure) to thank for guiding me through the process of learning how to use a tablet.